An ancient energy bar with a modern twist.

Beeyond™ Bars are new to the shelves, but the original recipe is over 3000 years old. Honey and sesame were the main ingredients of a mixture the ancient Greeks created to improve their health and nutrition. Today, this mixture is referred to as “pasteli”. The first pasteli was very simple – it consisted of sesame seeds and honey. That’s it! Only two ingredients. But it worked. And it worked well. 

First referenced in Homer’s Iliad, the Greeks ate this simple honey and sesame mixture to withstand the physical demands of the war. In 700BC, honey and sesame fueled athletes during the original Olympic Games. This mixture is so old, it is only fair to call it “The Original Energy Bar™”. 

Learning From Our Ancestors

The nutritional values of honey and sesame seeds are no secret, and the ancient Greeks consumed them both in abundance. Sesame seeds are rich in minerals including calcium, magnesium, iron, and contain healthy fats. Honey is packed with antioxidants and has been used as a preservative and sweetener for the last 8000 years. It is also an excellent energy source. [Did you know: Hippocrates would prescribe honey as remedy for fatigue!]

So many of the concepts, words, and ideologies that we use today can be traced back centuries on a small landmass at the crossroads of two continents. Ancient Greece produced more geniuses per capita than any other culture of its time, and what they ate and how they lived contributed greatly to their successes. 

Ancient Greek Diet

The ancient Greek diet consisted of whole grains, sesame seeds, honey, olives, legumes, fruits, vegetables, and fish. The Greeks were also obsessed with fitness. Being in top physical shape meant you were ready for battle. With their strong interest in diet and their fascination with physical activity, the Greeks heightened their understanding of the importance of nutrition and exercise in establishing optimal health. 

Honey and sesame have stuck together for thousands of years, creating strong traditions that have followed us into the modern world. Today, we are following our ancestors’ footsteps and want to share it with you!