A Tiny Seed With a Powerful History.

The Olympic athletes of Ancient Greece used to power up before the games with a simple honey and sesame mixture, giving them the energy and endurance to power through the events. Inspired by the simple diet, practical wisdom, and holistic life approach of our ancestors, we created Beeyond™ Bars.

By combining filling fats and protein (sesame and nuts) with high energy carbs (honey and dried fruit), we came up with the perfect formula to keep you fueled no matter the occasion. Crisp and slightly chewy thanks to our primary ingredients of sesame and honey, Beeyond™ Bars are great just before a workout, during a walk/hike, throughout a long workday, or anytime you need a snack. Afterall, Beeyond Bars not only help you perform, they taste great too!

Beeyond bars are a filling, 5-ingredient power snack that give you a simple yet powerful kind of energy to keep you going.

Meet the Team

GO BEEYOND YOUR LIMITS. Everything Beeyond does as a brand is sincerely driven by this vision. We strive to go above and beyond to provide you with the best ingredients and nutrition in order to help you be a better and stronger version of YOU — one bar at a time.

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